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Slingbox M1

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Slingbox M1 Slingbox M1

Slingbox M1 Features:
• Watch and control your live and recorded TV shows anywhere, anytime – in up to Full HD.
No blocked shows or games on any device, in any location. Watch your favorite shows and sports on all the channels you subscribe to, even when you're overseas.
• Never miss a final episode or live event. View them on when you want, where you want.
Play and schedule DVR recordings.
Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Amazon Fire TV®, and Roku®*.
• Features WiFi, Ethernet, composite and component in/out connections.
Absolutely no monthly fees.
• Easy to connect and set up.**
*Apple TV support requires Slingplayer for iPhone or iPad. Chromecast and Roku support requires Slingplayer for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet.
**Slingbox requires a component (or composite) connection from your set-top box. If you don't have component outputs but only HDMI connectors, simply connect an HDMI to Component converter.


Compatible with:
• AT&T U-verse®
• Bright House Networks®
• Cablevision® Systems
• Charter Communications®
• Comcast XFINITY®
• Cox Communications®
• DirecTV®
• DISH Network®
• Time Warner®
• Verizon FiOS®
• ...and all other cable and satellite operators.
Supported Audio-Video and Storage Sources:
• Connect to any of the following high-definition video sources in up to 1080p.
- Digital cable set-top box
- Satellite receiver
- Digital video recorder (DVR)
- DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ player/recorder
- Video security cameras
• Works with most tablets and mobile devices and is available on: Apple App Store, Google Play,  Amazon Appstore and Windows Store
Mobile and Connected Device Requirements:
- Slingplayer® software for Android™, iOS®, and other mobile and connected devices is available separately.
Windows® or MAC® Minimum Requirements:
- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or better
- DirectX 9 Class video card with more than 256 MB of dedicated memory for Windows PC
Operating Systems:
- OS X
- Windows
What's Needed:
- Cable or satellite set-top box with component* or composite output
- Wireless or wired router
- High-speed Internet
*Slingbox requires a component connection for watching TV anywhere in HD. If you don't have component outputs but only HDMI connectors, simply connect an HDMI to Component converter.


Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 July 2018 20:42

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