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Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT)

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Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT) Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT)Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT)Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT)

The small and easy to use remote control allows the comfortable use of MediaTV Media Center, as well as assigning keys to run custom applications on your Desktop system!
Small Antenna for perfect mobility! The small antenna perfectly fits for receiving DVB-T all over Europe

Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home (DVB-CT)
• Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home is the worlds first USB 2.0 TV Tuner which is fully supported with Windows and Linux*
Supported Standards:
• HDTV Ready
For HDTV either a fast CPU (>3 GHz) without a graphiccard which can do MPEG decoding, or starting with Intel ATOM bundled with an NVidia Graphiccard is required (eg. NVidia ION Systems are well supported). Supported Systeme/Architectures:
• Intel/AMD x86 (32/64 bit)
• IBM PowerPC (z.B. Sony Playstation 3 - erste Version)
• Dreambox 800 HD (Mipsel)

Last Updated: Saturday, 23 June 2018 23:11

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